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Newbourne 40FS Mulitfuel Stove

This stove stylishly designed in the UK and beautifully made, will look fabulous in your fireplace with its curved door offering a remarkable large picture window of the fire burning in the fire chamber. With Simple to operate slider controls and built -in tertiary air, the Melbourne stove offers clean burn performance with efficiencies of 80% leaving you warm, delighted and entirely satisfied with the whole performance.

Available in 3 Outputs :
40FS 4.5kW 50FS 5.5kW 60FS 7kW

Optional features include , various leg lengths 110mm and 160mm long leg length.

High stove stand to raise your stove higher , 200mm or 400mm.

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Heat Output

4kw, 5kw, 7kw

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