Woolly Mammoth 5 Widescreen

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By matching the ideal 4.9kw output of the Woolly Mammoth 5 with a superior sized firebox, the Woolly Mammoth 5WS is the perfect solution for larger fire places or those seeking a greater focal impact from their wood burning stove.

The generous body of the Woolly Mammoth 5WS incorporates a 317mm widescreen window offering exceptional panoramic views of the fire glowing within but when combined with the sleek design ethic of the Woolly Mammoth collection, doesn’t impose on the décor of your living space.Boasting all features expected of this prestigious range, the Woolly Mammoth 5WS allows for optimum control of combustion via fully adjustable primary and secondary air intakes working harmoniously with a tertiary air supply for incredible efficiency levels. Air drawn from the rear of the unit ensures crystal clear glass at all times and without the legal requirement for an air brick, this clever stove can be installed with the minimum of fuss.

Product Features:

DEFRA Approved

Externally controlled riddling grate
Large viewing glass
Adjustable primary and secondary air intakes
Tertiary air clean burn technology
Intuitive airwash
Removable ash pan
150mm and 300mm extension legs available

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